Material Focus is the independent not-for-profit organisation behind 'Recycle Your Electricals', the national campaign to stop electricals being hoarded and thrown away, and to ensure they’re reused and recycled instead.
I regularly design a series of social media graphics to support each of their campaigns. These graphics illustrate research, carried out by Material Focus, into our attitudes to recycling electricals, the hidden materials wasted by disposal, and money that could be saved.
Unwanted Electricals campaign:
Working with existing campaign icons, colours, and typestyles, I create new icons when needed and design bespoke infographics for Twitter and Instagram.
Precious Metals campaign:
The challenge is to craft type and image together to present the research findings in a creative and engaging way that's still concise enough for the data to be digested quickly in the form of fleeting social media posts. 
Give-Back January campaign:
Clean Energy campaign and Unwanted Cables campaigns:
Spring Clean campaign:
E-Cigarette campaign:
'Love Your Old Toaster' campaign:
'Don't bin batteries' campaign: